AutoRewrap 0.005: XPI INSTALL LINK (Right-click or control-click and Save As)

What's New in 0.005

Still nothing. I just bumped the .rdf file again so it'll work in Thunderbird 2.0. AutoRewrap still has some outstanding bugs.

What's New in 0.004

Nothing. I just bumped the .rdf file to allow it to install in Thunderbird 1.5 since it seems to work fine. (Thanks to Thomas Juerges for pointing that out!)

What's New in 0.003


AutoRewrap has been tested in Thunderbird 2.0 and Mozilla 1.7.2, both on Linux. I haven't tested it in other platforms (such as Windows or OS X), but it should work fine. (If it doesn't, let me know!)


AutoRewrap coexists happily with TagZilla and with EnigMail on my computer. It should work fine with those (and other extensions) on your computer too, but YMMV.


AutoRewrap is dually licensed under the Mozilla Public License and the GNU General Public License.


In Thunderbird, uninstall it using the Extension Manager. In Mozilla, there's no automatic way to uninstall it; you'll have to do it manually using these instructions.

Older Versions

The autorewrap project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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